Why you choose us

Why Choose Us

Savarti differentiates by having one of the strongest high- speed digital, analog/mix-signal, and memory compiler teams in the industry.

Our engineering teams have more than 30 years of experience delivering high-speed designs in many consumer products like Sony PlayStations,  Digital TVs, Cameras, and projectors. With Savarti’s flexible and dedicated design services, customers can speed up turnaround time and broaden product lines with lower risk.

We are experienced in providing I/O solutions, memory, custom logic, power management circuit, power and signal integrity analysis to meet customers’ specific design requirements whether they are targeted for high performance, low power, smaller area/footprint or low cost development.

Our engagement models are equally diverse – from specification to end product that includes chip development, analog/mixed signal circuits, memory compiler, and software. Our customers can take advantage of our flexible project based or team/resource based design services to meet immediate or long term needs.